Reunion is a major holiday in the Otherfaith ritual year, starting on December 25 and lasting until midnight December 31. It marks the return of the Laetha to the Dierne.

Mythic Importance Edit

Mythologically, Reunion takes place after the Sundering of the West and the Apotheosis of the Dierne. While these are violent and sorrowful events, Reunion is a joyful event. the Dierne is settled into her power as god; the Laetha returns - splintered, but still returning - to be with her beloved. As such, fighting is taboo during Reunion. Even spirits like Alynah Blake and Mircea, renowned for their inherent violence or malice, are peaceful during this time.

Celebrating Reunion Edit

As a week-long holiday, there are many opportunities for making Reunion your own. You could:

  • Read through the published mythology and poetry about Reunion (links listed below)

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