Verzou Triad Headcanon

For a blog prompt project I've been working on, I've been writing stories focused on the Verzsou Triad. I also finished up the very first rough draft of Casimir's side of the story between the three spirits...I then moved on to Neve's, at which point things went a bit wonky from what I had expected.

Originally I had thought that Neve & Aster were just born into North-South. As I wrote Neve & Aster's versions of the spirits' stories, however, they insisted, as I wrote, that they had existed before then and willingly gone into North-South in order to help their parents better understand how their energies interacted. And it became clear that their relationship had much stronger, more pleasant connections than I'd originally thought...

So, something to think about, as it paints Aster in quite a different light!!