Ophelene headcanon

Here's some of my headcanon for the Ophelene:


- Juniper (both the plant and its distilled spirits, gin and genever)

- Ash (because of her bow)

- Sparkling drinks, both nonalcoholic and boozy

- The sky, especially sunrise and noon. (Honestly the Ophelene is much more of an air/wind/sky deity than the Dierne to me.)

- Hawks, falcons, and kestrels - in fact, she may have a particular bird of prey she falcons with


- Essentially proficient in all weapons but guns.

- Has a bow made from ash

- Sword made from meteorite and/or star-forged* steel. (This may be a one-handed sword or a double-handed broad sword; I sometimes get images of Ophelene with a shield as well, but the idea of a two handed weapon also has its appeal.)

- Shield with the Clarene's symbol on it (to show the Ophelene fights for the West)


- Grace, potentially because Grace's true form is angelic and I get a ton of angel vibes from the Ophelene

- Possibly Lyra because of bow connections

- Potentially all female-identified spirits?

- the Darren, whom I believe may have/know where is a star-forge that creates unbreakable steel

- the Dierne; Ophelene will bring rapists/other violators of consent to the Dierne for punishment and vice versa. (They chop heads and then go to a pub afterwards for a pint. Total bros.)

Other Ideas

- the Ophelene heads an order (or several?) of knights dedicated to protecting the integrity of the West. Potentially this was founded after the Sundering caused by the Firebird.

- the Ophelene seems to be at odds with the Firebird in my head; possibly has made contingency plans should things go to shit again.

- the Ophelene is the patron deity of trans women and trans girls and actively combats transmisogyny.

  • Sage, what's this "star-forge" you keep mentioning? I have no idea but it's wedged in my brain as an important detail, so there you have it.