You may have noticed that there is a 'Domain' section on the god & spirit infoboxes on the sides of their pages. I recently compiled all the domains for the gods' pages, and I've been thinking about how to make the domains better and clearer.

A god or spirits' domain is something they oversee. It can include concepts, locations, groups of people, animals, and plants as well as weather and natural phenomena. Right now we mostly have domains for concepts. I'd like this to change.

My idea for the domains is to have one big list for people to look through when trying to figure out the domains for spirits/new spirits. First, I'm going to post all the current domains we have for the gods. After, I'll post a list of possible domains I'm thinking may be good to add to the list. I'm looking for feedback regarding:

  • what domains we should add
  • what domains we should move to the 'values' section
  • what domains are better off combined or separated
  • any other contributions concerning domains