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• 12/26/2014

Ritual Calendar

Just thought I'd start a discussion about our holy days calendar and adding dates/associations (as well as perhaps a distinction between major and minor holidays, just because I love having the opportunity of celebrating everyone's birthday). Here's what I'd like to see commemorated:

- The founding of the West

- Arabella falling into the West

- Something something Ophelia (maybe coinciding with Earth Day?)

- Perhaps linking other gods to holidays we already have (like Laethelia to the beginning of summer/graduation, since she seems like a sunny goddess to me)

- Immolation/"Birth" of Epiphany

- Possible birthdays/other feasting excuses for lots of spirits (Dahlia, Grace, Lilibell, Lyra, Adilene)

This isn't something I think we need to hop right on immediately, but it is something to keep in mind. I like the idea of the gods each having their own space in the ritual year - so the Apotheosis is obviously the Dierne's, the founding of the West day would be the Clarene's, etc. 

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• 12/27/2014

One thing I noticed when filling in my planners was...dang, there are a lot of things I want to celebrate that I don't have dates for. Mainly births of spirits and deifications of gods, but realizing how much I'm lacking...yeah, this is definitely something to keep in mind.

• 12/27/2014

I think there's already a really good core in place with Reunion at one end and Apotheosis at the other - I'm not sure if that was planned that way, but it's a good balance and rhythm that I think other holidays could possibly revolve around.

Also, again, I think it's important to decide which holidays are/will be important communal holidays for everyone in the faith and which are more customizable. That way there can still be important events that help tie everything and everyone together, but there's no push to celebrate All The Things.