Just thought I'd start a discussion about our holy days calendar and adding dates/associations (as well as perhaps a distinction between major and minor holidays, just because I love having the opportunity of celebrating everyone's birthday). Here's what I'd like to see commemorated:

- The founding of the West

- Arabella falling into the West

- Something something Ophelia (maybe coinciding with Earth Day?)

- Perhaps linking other gods to holidays we already have (like Laethelia to the beginning of summer/graduation, since she seems like a sunny goddess to me)

- Immolation/"Birth" of Epiphany

- Possible birthdays/other feasting excuses for lots of spirits (Dahlia, Grace, Lilibell, Lyra, Adilene)

This isn't something I think we need to hop right on immediately, but it is something to keep in mind. I like the idea of the gods each having their own space in the ritual year - so the Apotheosis is obviously the Dierne's, the founding of the West day would be the Clarene's, etc.