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• 1/21/2015

Verzou Triad Headcanon

For a blog prompt project I've been working on, I've been writing stories focused on the Verzsou Triad. I also finished up the very first rough draft of Casimir's side of the story between the three spirits...I then moved on to Neve's, at which point things went a bit wonky from what I had expected.
Originally I had thought that Neve & Aster were just born into North-South. As I wrote Neve & Aster's versions of the spirits' stories, however, they insisted, as I wrote, that they had existed before then and willingly gone into North-South in order to help their parents better understand how their energies interacted. And it became clear that their relationship had much stronger, more pleasant connections than I'd originally thought...
So, something to think about, as it paints Aster in quite a different light!!
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• 1/3/2015

Spirit Page Update

The Spirits category has been updated with information on groups of spirits as well as science and medicine-affiliated spirits, along with a few more elemental spirits. I will also been editing the Verzsou Triad pages to better reflect the information I gleaned when writing for the group over last month.
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• 1/1/2015

Ophelene headcanon

Here's some of my headcanon for the Ophelene:
- Juniper (both the plant and its distilled spirits, gin and genever)
- Ash (because of her bow)
- Sparkling drinks, both nonalcoholic and boozy
- The sky, especially sunrise and noon. (Honestly the Ophelene is much more of an air/wind/sky deity than the Dierne to me.)
- Hawks, falcons, and kestrels - in fact, she may have a particular bird of prey she falcons with
- Essentially proficient in all weapons but guns.
- Has a bow made from ash
- Sword made from meteorite and/or star-forged* steel. (This may be a one-handed sword or a double-handed broad sword; I sometimes get images of Ophelene with a shield as well, but the idea of a two handed weapon also has its appeal.)
- Shield with the Clarene's symbol on it (to show the Ophelene fights for the West)
- Grace, potentially because Grace's true form is angelic and I get a ton of angel vibes from the Ophelene
- Possibly Lyra because of bow connections
- Potentially all female-identified spirits?
- the Darren, whom I believe may have/know where is a star-forge that creates unbreakable steel
- the Dierne; Ophelene will bring rapists/other violators of consent to the Dierne for punishment and vice versa. (They chop heads and then go to a pub afterwards for a pint. Total bros.)
Other Ideas
- the Ophelene heads an order (or several?) of knights dedicated to protecting the integrity of the West. Potentially this was founded after the Sundering caused by the Firebird.
- the Ophelene seems to be at odds with the Firebird in my head; possibly has made contingency plans should things go to shit again.
- the Ophelene is the patron deity of trans women and trans girls and actively combats transmisogyny.

Sage, what's this "star-forge" you keep mentioning? I have no idea but it's wedged in my brain as an important detail, so there you have it.
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• 12/30/2014


You may have noticed that there is a 'Domain' section on the god & spirit infoboxes on the sides of their pages. I recently compiled all the domains for the gods' pages, and I've been thinking about how to make the domains better and clearer.
A god or spirits' domain is something they oversee. It can include concepts, locations, groups of people, animals, and plants as well as weather and natural phenomena. Right now we mostly have domains for concepts. I'd like this to change.
My idea for the domains is to have one big list for people to look through when trying to figure out the domains for spirits/new spirits. First, I'm going to post all the current domains we have for the gods. After, I'll post a list of possible domains I'm thinking may be good to add to the list. I'm looking for feedback regarding:

what domains we should add
what domains we should move to the 'values' section
what domains are better off combined or separated
any other contributions concerning domains
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• 12/26/2014

Ritual Calendar

Just thought I'd start a discussion about our holy days calendar and adding dates/associations (as well as perhaps a distinction between major and minor holidays, just because I love having the opportunity of celebrating everyone's birthday). Here's what I'd like to see commemorated:
- The founding of the West
- Arabella falling into the West
- Something something Ophelia (maybe coinciding with Earth Day?)
- Perhaps linking other gods to holidays we already have (like Laethelia to the beginning of summer/graduation, since she seems like a sunny goddess to me)
- Immolation/"Birth" of Epiphany
- Possible birthdays/other feasting excuses for lots of spirits (Dahlia, Grace, Lilibell, Lyra, Adilene)
This isn't something I think we need to hop right on immediately, but it is something to keep in mind. I like the idea of the gods each having their own space in the ritual year - so the Apotheosis is obviously the Dierne's, the founding of the West day would be the Clarene's, etc.
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• 12/22/2014

Reunion 2014-2015

This is the main thread for discussing Reunion 2014-2015. Here you can discuss plans, ideas, whatever as long as it relates to this year's Reunion!
Ideally, we'll have a thread like this every year to help us brainstorm ideas for this and future year's Reunions. It can also be a support thread for the 'no fighting' taboo for Reunion, which can be tough on some people.
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